Mayor visits campus for Solarbration ceremony!

IL Clean Energy grant provides solar demonstration project!

Harp instruction from one of Rockford's finest musicians is done on campus each week!

Khan Academy Welcomed to Allegro!

Graduation and Promotion Ceremony at Sinissippi Music Shell

The Rockford Park District music shell was a wonderful public location for our ceremonies this year!  Food and drinks were available  from Napoli Pizza

Children performed wonderfully, with great weather and were excited. Music, dance, and human video enactments will be performed along with graduation formalities.


Students Compete (and win) Rockford Art Competion!

Maple Trees Harvested on Campus this Spring!

New playground equipment makes exercise fun!

Ms. Markuson leads Kinder children in Dance Room.

Wintertime Snow Fun!

Political Freedom Day 2010

Guest speakers talk about political freedom in Rimmer Gymnasium.

Field trip to Shedd Aquarium leaves many young scholars awestruck.

St. Patrick's Day Dancing

For several weeks a Parent Teacher Organization fundraiser to benefit the play equipment on campus playgrounds has been held.  These images were taken at the conclusion and recognize the efforts of many families.  Over $3k was raised during the very successful event.  The discount cards sold are useful at many restaurants and venues around Rockford.

Learning Fair; Educational Experiences for All

Middle Schoolers use scientific method for better understanding

K-12 Educational Voucher Summit

Rev./Sen. James Meeks w/Mr. McCormack

In early February a Summit Meeting discussing Educational Vouchers for children was held in Chicago by the Illinois Policy Institute.  This program could enable children in the worst schools to take their state funding to another school.  The system has worked successfully for two decades in Milwaukee, WI; Sen. Meeks has introduced a bill in Illinois to accomplish the same goal.

Mayor Morrissey meets with Sen. Meeks at Summit

Here in Rockford the high schools currently only successfully graduate 40% of entering students; the other 60% fail to pass.  This dismal success rate is of great concern to Rockford's Mayor Morrissey.  This image was taken in the library of the Illinois Policy Institute at a Summit Conference with speakers addressing the subject of educational vouchers, their success rates and other research.

Christmas 2009 4-8th Grader Presentation "Who Am I?"

Children from grades 4-8 performed in this Powerfully Moving rendition of a Casting Crowns title.  The visual technique is called hand myme and used black lights and white gloves worn by students. 

Afterward parents and guests gave an enthusiastic standing ovation to the young scholars.

Photo credit: Sean Nevitt