Parents are saying...

"When I found out years ago that I'd be a working mother, there was only one place that came to mind for taking care of my daughter.  This was Allegro Academy.


When I walked in to see Allegro Academy a few weeks ago, I was flooded with wonderful memories of my childhood between 6 and 12 years.  You see, I'd attended here twenty years ago!  Now I am so proud that my daughter is now attending and know that she will be reading before other children her age and have positive experience that many others do not."

Mrs. S.S


"As a result of Allegro Elementary Academy instruction, our daughter has received an academic scholarship to Keith High School.  We couldn’t be happier!”

   Mr. & Mrs. D. M.                                


"This school has a tremendous focus on academics and offers the best value in private schools around!

   Mr. and Mrs. T.B.                                


“As a single male parent I’m very pleased. When my son gets together with other kids his age that attend other schools, I’m astounded at how much my guy knows when talking about math, history and the Bible.”

   Mr. L.W. business owner                      


“We have been extremely happy. [My daughter] has learned so much and is so excited about school!”

   Mrs. J. S.                                               


“This is a very good environment for the kids to be in”

   Mr. S. R.                                                     


“Since [my son and daughter] have been enrolled, I have recognized a great improvement in their social skills as well as academically in many fields of education, including Christian education.

   Mrs. J. B.