Dates & Facts

Founding of the elementary school:
Type of school:

Elementary /  Middle

Number of students: approx. 110
Student Teacher Ratio: 14:1



We choose not to fall prey to the soft bigotry of low expectations.  Instead, we believe each child is a unique creation of God, blessed with a special set of talents and gifts.  Each child deserves to approach life with a sense of self worth and respect for others while developing a sense of his own personal relationship with God.


Allegro Academy is passionate about students progressing according to their ability and not simply age. Because of this, our young scholars often advance faster and are excited about both Allegro Academy and learning.  Fine Arts and Academics provide a true classical education that is often lacking in contemporary schools; not that the knowledge isn't beneficial, it has simply become a lower priority to some.


Using proven teaching methods, we provide:

  • Passion for children to achieve at their ability, not merely their age
  • Phonics and reading being taught from early daycare through 8th
  • A Christian (non-denominational) perspective integrated into all academic subjects
  • Children as young as 5 frequently reading at 2nd grade level
  • Touch-pad access to all classroom buildings
  • 50% of recent 8th graders tested post-high-school on SAT test
  • A great education for children and a good financial deal to our parents